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SanSonBox is an independent design house producing creative websites and artworks for exclusive clients.

Our philosophy is to help our clients in bringing their vision into digital realm.

Past Works

KJPP Billy

KJPP Billy is a registered public appraisal company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The website offers company identity and contact information for prospective clients.

Akimarts Online

Akimarts is a business specialising in the supply of battery power for automotives, household uses, construction projects, and mining industry. Its major market segment are the average young family with fast-paced life and busy activities. That is why it needs an online shop that offers its customers the convenience shopping anytime, anywhere from their mobile or desktop.

Fuchsia Macaron

Fuchsia Macaron introduces the famous macarons to the young and hip Jakarta metropolitan citizens. These days, you can find Fuchsia Macaron product in any corner of the town. The website acts as showcase to its gorgeous products.


Branusa is one of South East Asian best Quantity Surveyors. Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, it has worked alongside big names in the construction industry. Its past projects include Amanusa Resorts in Bali and Park Royale Apartments in Jakarta. The company has trusted us to build website that reflects its professionalism.


Repzone started its business from hobby. The founders love exotic pets and in order to diversify their collections, they started trading the exotic animals with local community and soon, the business boomed. Today, Repzone houses the most complete exotic animals in town. If you are pet lover, be sure to check it out.


Kaboo is online beauty shop specialising in Korean brands. Kaboo appeal to young generation for its product affordability, excellent service, and shopping convenience.

Howey Creation

Howey is the household name when it comes to French cakes that look good and taste great.

A dark theme with black and white background denotes classy and elegant feel.

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